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Calming Chamomile Organic, Caffeine-Free Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

Calming Chamomile Organic, Caffeine-Free Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

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Chamomile has been prized for thousands of years for its nurturing, soothing and therapeutic effects. With a fragrance reminiscent of honey, fruit blossoms and apples, this tranquil tea is perfect for countering PMS, easing stress, relieving headaches and enhancing a peaceful night’s sleep. We use the highest quality, whole chamomile flowers to maximize flavor, health benefits and freshness.
  • Organic chamomile flowers


This tea is USDA Certified Organic.


Water Temperature: 200°F

Leaf to Water Ratio: 2 tablespoons per 16 oz

Steep Time: 4-5 minutes


General Guide:

  1. Add tea leaves to a teapot, fill-your-own tea bag or infuser basket.
  2. Use 1 to 3 teaspoons (1 tablespoon) of leaves per cup (8 oz) of water. Adjust to taste.
  3. Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil, allow it to cool slightly, then pour water over tea leaves and cover.
  4. Infuse (steep) leaves 2-5 minutes; 3½ minutes is a good average that works well for most tea types. Do not oversteep or tea may become bitter. If you prefer strong tea, simply use more leaves.
  5. Remove bag or infuser from water or strain leaves. Enjoy!


Water Quality: Tea is only as good as the water used to prepare it. Avoid distilled or unfiltered tap water, which can limit tea’s flavor. Bottled spring water or filtered tap water is ideal.

Water Temperature: Most teas taste best when prepared with water around 195˚F (just below boiling); however, some teas require a lower temperature or they may become bitter.


NET WT (per tin): 0.92 oz (26 g)

Our elegant, embossed tin is designed to keep tea fresh and full of flavor.

A tin of this tea contains approximately 48 teaspoons / 16 tablespoons of loose tea. The number of servings per tin varies depending upon the type of tea, leaf size, and desired strength (amount of tea used).

The tin itself measures 6.25 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep.



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