Dainty Lava Bead Bar Diffuser Necklace - 15"

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Minimalist black volcanic bead necklace with 9 dainty lava beads and a delicate satellite chain.

The volcanic beads is a naturally occurring porous substance that soaks up essential oils and perfectly diffuses the scent throughout the day.

This gorgeous diffuser necklace is a naturally beautiful way to diffuse your essential oils! Treat yourself or buy it for a friend or family member as a gift! It will be a wonderful surprise for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or any occasion.

15" in length


  • Apply one drop and rub your favorite pure essential oil in to your lava beads, allowing oil to soak into the beads and fully absorb BEFORE wearing your necklace. (We suggest setting your necklace on a counter-top or ceramic plate for a few minutes while getting ready in the morning.
  • If you applied too much oil, gently rub your beads with your fingers (rubbing excess behind your ears or wrists if you're not sensitive to the oil) or cloth.
  • The longer you allow the oils to absorb, the longer your scent may last. The beads will absorb the oils fairly quickly but may appear wet for a short time.
  • The aroma can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days! Allowing the oils to soak in will also give you better results.
  • The scent will always be the strongest for the first couple hours. Some oils omit a strong aroma, whereas others do not - we recommend using our brand of oils for the strongest and longest lasting, invigorating aroma. 
  • After the scent has faded you can apply a new oil or you can layer different essential oils, since most complement one another very well. No need to wash your necklace.
  • All of our jewelry is nickel free and hypoallergenic.





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